5 Reasons Why Families Love Living in Santa Monica

5 Reasons Why Families Love Living in Santa Monica

  • 08/23/22

It is no secret that Southern California is one of the most popular regions for families looking to buy a new home and settle down so they can take advantage of the numerous new professional opportunities and dynamic real estate market that make this area one of the most exclusive in the nation.

If you and your family are thinking about grabbing a piece of the SoCal dream, you should begin familiarizing yourself with upscale communities with luxury housing. A great home will be a wonderful base of operations for enjoying the gorgeous year-round weather that makes the rest of the country jealous, a never-ending list of fun and exciting things to do nearby, and booming job opportunities across a wide range of industries.

One of those communities that stands out in the already glittering Los Angeles landscape is Santa Monica. This beach town with a population of around 91,000 has a wide range of professional and recreational opportunities as well as deep and rich cultural aspects. Here are some of the main reasons why families love living in Santa Monica luxury homes.

Living in a beachfront community

When people from all around the world think of Southern California, the sandy beaches, ocean views from luxury homes, and perfect weather are probably the first things that come to mind. While some of the greater Los Angeles area is landlocked, Santa Monica is a beachfront community that offers all of those features, making Santa Monica one of the most enjoyable places to live in the region.

Families who live in Santa Monica real estate love having the beach practically in their backyard, making it quick and easy to spend day after day on the sand and in the surf under the bright sunshine. Not everyone gets to say they live only minutes from the ocean, which makes homes in Santa Monica some of the most sought after in all of Southern California. Santa Monica’s coastal setting brings a wide array of other perks and benefits, such as thriving shopping and dining options right on the beach and a robust local economy that benefits from tourism, with people from around the country and world flocking to the area all year long.

The perfect Southern California weather

Another quality of Southern California that people instantly think of is the perfect, sunny, and warm weather that the region enjoys all year long, which goes along with its beachfront location on the Pacific Ocean. While the rest of the United States only gets to enjoy 207 days of sunshine on average per year, if you and your family are interested in Santa Monica luxury homes, you can expect to spend an average of 287 days per year basking in the warm sunshine. You can count on warm, pleasant winters for the most part, so if living in a bright, warm, and sunny place is one of the most important things for you and your family, Santa Monica is the place for you.

The endless attractions of the Los Angeles area

Residents of Santa Monica real estate enjoy all of the perks of being one of Los Angeles’ coastal communities, as well as the many attractions throughout the region that can be found beyond the beach. The greater Los Angeles area has a broad array of outdoor environments, each with unique qualities and attractions.

To the east of the city, the San Gabriel Mountains offer year-round hiking and biking through countless miles of trails in forest surroundings. Families in Santa Monica can spend the morning on the beach, hop in the car, and spend an afternoon or evening hiking and enjoying the fresh air in the mountains. Also easily accessible are other areas beyond the city, with desert oases over the mountains to the east and world-famous skiing getaways such as Big Bear to the southeast.

Within the city itself, Santa Monica residents can enjoy all the amenities of the entertainment capital of the world, from blockbuster movie premieres to headline concerts by world-famous bands and musicians. The LA area is also home to more than a dozen professional sports franchises and nationally renowned collegiate athletic programs at nearby UCLA and the University of Southern California, so there are exciting athletic events for Santa Monica luxury homes residents to attend all year long.

Numerous shopping and dining options

As one of Los Angeles’ premiere beachfront communities, Santa Monica has a strong and vibrant local economy with numerous fine dining and shopping options. From locally owned coffee shops and cafes to bistros and upscale locations for a delicious dinner, Santa Monica has a wide variety of unique dining establishments to complement your family’s favorite chain restaurants across the region.

Residents of Santa Monica real estate enjoy having the beach close to home, and having a seemingly endless variety of unique restaurants right next to the beach and throughout downtown makes it easy and convenient to spend a fun day in the sunshine topped off by a visit to a favorite posh dining establishment just minutes away. As a world-famous tourist destination and a favorite spot for locals, Santa Monica also has a wide variety of shopping and retail establishments with something for the entire family.

Enjoy a day at the Santa Monica Pier

Saving the best for last, families who purchase Santa Monica luxury homes can get their bearings memorably and excitingly by spending a day — or evening — visiting the world-famous Santa Monica Pier. The Santa Monica Pier is home to Pacific Park, an amusement park full of rides, activities, and games that the entire family can enjoy, concession stands for treats and snacks, restaurants, and places to simply enjoy the ocean view and the breathtaking sunsets. This local attraction is a great place for families to have fun together day after day, and Santa Monica residents love having this landmark just minutes from home.

Find a great Santa Monica real estate agent

These are just some reasons why families love living in Santa Monica. If you’ve decided that the luxury beachfront lifestyle in Santa Monica real estate is perfect for you, let Megan Whalen Team wow you with her unmatched client services in this fast-paced real estate market.


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